about toronto bus company

available during the summer only

The Toronto Bus Company is a multifaceted business offering diverse services within the tourism/hospitality industry. Since our beginnings in 2001, our exciting evolution has been the result of long hours, hard work, dedication and an ongoing commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction. We are proud to share our mission statement below

"Toronto Bus Co. is committed to delivering the finest service to our customers by providing the best training for our staff, maintaining strong supplier relationships and giving the utmost attention to every detail."
Our Staff

We are firmly committed to providing the best front-line staff in our industry because we are proud of our services, and proud to be a part of Toronto's tourism industry. A member of our operations team will be on call and available during your shuttle operation.
An in-house training program ensures that our drivers are well trained and are true hospitality professionals. Our commitment to service has been fundamental to the success of our business. You can count on our team to deliver the best in service to you!

Our Green Strategy

The Toronto Bus Company is committed to implementing "Green" strategies for our fleet and at our facilities. Training includes policies on driving conduct to enhance fuel efficiency, and anti-idling to reduce carbon emissions. We ensure company-wide involvement in green initiatives. This includes waste and recycling programs, double-sided printing, electronic communication amongst staff and internal documentation processing, as well as electronic communication with clients for proposals, contracts, general correspondence and invoicing. Environmentally friendly cleaning products are used when washing our buses and throughout our entire operation.