Hydro Control Dam

If you visit the Niagara Falls during the summer months, you would merely see half of the actual level of the river passing over the Falls. But it is during the winters that the levels recede further, almost a quarter of the actual volume of the river.

The Hydro Control Dam G expands 2200 feet, roughly 670 metres, to the international periphery. The gates are lifted or brought down accordingly so as to augment the flow of water over the majestic Falls or to restrain the flow when it is required to be diverted either into the New York State Power Authority or to the Hydro Tunnels of Ontario Hydro. Delving deeper into the specifics, the water level rises and drops an average of 3 feet from April to November (between 8am to 9pm) and every night (between 8pm to 9pm) of the year respectively.

During night time, the flow over the falls drops to about 50000 cubic feet of water per second. This happens only when Hydro Control Dam gates are opened to divert the water of Niagara River into the hydro tunnels. In fact, notably, New York State and Ontario depend on Niagara hydroelectric stations for one quarter of their power supply.