Niagara Hydro Stations

You may see the famous Sir Adam Beck Generation Station 1. Located in Queenston and built in 1917, the station was the largest project undertaken at the time of its construction. Drive to the station to have a closer look at the largest industry of power generation in Niagara region.

The power stations were built at the Niagara Escarpment. This location was chosen owing to its position as point for the highest upright drop down to the river.

More interesting facts lie in the mechanism of these power stations. In the evenings, man-made canals help divert the water at the highest end of Niagara Falls which lead to vast reservoirs next to the power stations which stand on either sides of the Niagara River. One of the largest reservoirs here covers an area of around 750 acres.

Electricity is produced during the day when the water from the reservoirs is released. The water then gets past the penstocks to the generators which are fitted below