Harbour front

Located at the bottom of the Lower Simcoe Street, Harbourfront provides transportation facilities between the Bay Street and Toronto Islands.

The Centre is renowned for its four craft studios (textiles, ceramic, metal and glass) apart from the performance areas that it has.

During summers, Harbourfront is a pleasant sight with crafts and artisan fairs, a series of free weekend concerts, theatre and dance performances among other arts and cultural events. The free concerts are carried out at Harbourfront's outdoor concert stage. But what is better is that during winters you can find a free open-air ice rink.

A shopping centre, Queen's Quay Terminal stands aside Harbourfront Centre. Formerly a warehouse, now the Terminal also provides commercial office space, some stores run by high-end retailers. It is basically a mall of interest for tourists.

Considered a heritage site, the Canada Malting Silos hold the industrial past of the neighbourhood. It is at the western end of Harbourfront. Proposals for the establishment of a Toronto history museum and a Canadian music museum have been made with the silos intact. But they also propose for the demolition of the remaining buildings. You can find memorials to an 1878 exodus by the Irish to Toronto at the Toronto Ireland Park which stands south of the silos. This park was inaugurated in 2004.